Identifying football talent at the youngest age possible
is critical for any Professional Football Club or National Association.

Welcome to Talent Ranker

Talent Ranker is a turnkey scouting solution
that identifies talents 8-13 years old,
using Scientifically designed skill tests
Proprietary algorithms
+ Real time global data


Talent Ranker functions as an objective first pass filter in your search for talent.

It helps you narrow down a large and general player pool into a smaller and more qualitative talent pool.

Use Talent Ranker to assess your Academy's Technical Standards and track further progress.

Use Talent Ranker in talent identification events locally, nationally or globally.
Compare the results to your Academy's Technical Standards and identify suitable candidates for further tryouts.



Set up test centers

Talent Ranker test centers are your data collection points.

Test centers are set up by population

and geographical criteria to cover your territory.

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Collect and analyze data

Scientifically designed skill tests

Talent Ranker uses a scientifically standardized testing protocol that can measure technical ability in football.

Talent Ranker Test - 16 exercises

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Proprietary Algorithms

Talent Ranker converts test results to personal technical ability scores
on a scale of 1 to 10.


Players are provided with their Personal Score Report
identifying strengths and weaknesses.


Players may revisit test center, retake the Test,
and improve personal score and ranking.


There is 100% correlation between personal score,
ranking, and in-game performance.


Real time global data

Talent Ranker pools and filters scores per age group, gender, and geographical location.


Players are ranked according to technical ability.


Talents are identified and reported online from anywhere in Client’s Territory.

Real time global data


How it works: Video overview


Services and Cost

Design of turnkey project
-Step by step consulting to setup Talent Ranker in Client’s Territory (Locally, Regionally, Nationally, or Globally).

-Online training of Client’s staff to ensure test administration proficiency.

Pilot project
-Implementation of small scale pilot project. Proof of concept.

Tailor made
-Scores's database tailored to fit client's reporting needs (by age, gender, and geographical criteria).

Quality assurance
-Video database. Our staff will review test videos, verify high scorers and report top 100 players per age group.



Setup Cost: One time fee invested in setting up network of Test Centers. Determined by number of Test Centers. 

Service Cost: Annual fee invested in Scores and Videos databases, Quality Assurance, Top 100 Talent Report per age group, and support services.

Service cost is determined by number of players entered in database.

Flexible pricing plans:

- Fee per Player tested

- Fixed annual fee for Unlimited Number of Players

- Joint Venture. Provision of test as a service, paid by players 

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Player Agencies
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Government (Sports and/or Education Authorities)
-wishing to integrate talent identification and player development into their curriculum.

Corporations (National or Global)
-wishing to strengthen their brand awareness through the power of youth football

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